Juri-novella Heart of the Woods to be released on consoles

The Studio ร‰lan team announced that they will soon be releasing visual novella Heart of the Woods on consoles. It is ported by Studio Ratalaika Games, and a release is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021. So far confirmed versions for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Heart of the Woods were released on Steam two years ago, in February 2019. And during this time she collected very positive reviews: over the last month she was highly appreciated by absolutely all buyers.

Heart of the Woods – a novel in the genre of dark fantasy, dedicated to ancient mysteries, paranormal phenomena and love that defeats death. Two journalists go to a mysterious village, where they meet the ghost of a young woman, and they try to free her from the curse.

You can buy Heart of the Woods for 360 rubles. And before that – to get acquainted with her with the help of a free demo version.

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