‘Jurriën says bully: we’re going to win, they’re not going to perform anything in our Arena’

The duel between Ajax and FC Utrecht also means a hit between twin brothers Jurriën Timber and Quinten Timber. The two still live at home and even sleep in the same room before the clash in the Johan Cruijff Arena.
I cant imagine that happened before, haha, brother Shamier laughs in conversation with Ajax Showtime. Its unique. My mom also asks how much its going to be. Then Jurriën says a bit bully: Of course we are going to win. Theyre not going to perform in our Arena. And Quinten then responds laughing: Well see it Sunday, haha. Its just funny. Theyre brothers, twins, they feel each other.
Shamier says the family is incredibly proud. Especially with Jurriën
s career, things are going hard. Jurriëns focus is just one hundred percent. When we were together this week, we talked briefly about Ajax – FC Utrecht. Quinten also said: Lets not talk about that match, the focus should be on the Champions League. Then Jurriën nods of yes, thats right. The focus in both boys is for the full one hundred percent. It says a lot about these guys.
s slipper against Besiktas was striking. Fortunately for the defender, Kenan Karaman committed an offense. We talked about it. Its a mistake in a game where he played well. Its a learning moment for Jurriën. Always keep the focus and move on to the next game. No, hes not bothered to another game. The focus is fully there. He recognizes his mistakes, resumes and improves.