Jury thinks about George Floyds death

Its an exciting day in the United States. Theres gonna be a verdict about George Floyds death at any moment. After a lawsuit for weeks, its now up to the jury to come up with a verdict.

Now theres a lawsuit against the officer. The prosecutors say hes guilty and killed George Floyd on purpose. The officers lawyers claim otherwise. They say Floyds death could also be related to drug use.


In the Netherlands, a judge would decide whether the agent is guilty or not, but in the United States things are different. There, a jury of 12 ordinary people decides on the punishment.

The jury has been listening for weeks and is now sitting in a confined space to discuss. Only if they all agree, there will be a verdict. This can take hours, but also days, or sometimes even weeks. If they dont agree, the whole trial will have to be redone.

If the ex-cop is convicted of murder, he could be sentenced to 40 years in prison.