“Just a flick, pancake. Best!” — Artem Dzyuba marveled at NAVI victory

Zenit forward Artyom Dzyuba admired the victory of the Natus Vincere team at the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 CS:GO esports championship. He shared his emotions on Instagram Stories. Just handsome, damn it.

NAVI handsome men. Thats it, champions! Think about it, the world champions, the Major took away.

The best! Everything was put on them, but the pressure was unreal. But I still think that we should play until we win three.

Out of five cards. They are really cool all.

All five. See, thats what the Simple needed for greatness.

But they are a strong team. Bit, Electronics, Perfecto and Bumych all helped him.

Well, hes handsome. In the final match, Natus Vincere managed to bypass G2 Esports.

The score is 2:0 — 16:11 on Ancient and 22:19 on Nuke. The team received $1 million for the victory.

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