Just a little while longer and Hamilton is the most successful ever: “I rose above myself

Lewis Hamilton was so good in yesterday’s Spanish Grand Prix that – apart from Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas – he overtaken all the Formula 1 drivers by one lap. And to think that he even took it easy during certain parts of the race.

The 35-year old Brit could hardly comprehend how superior his performance had been. He felt at one with his car. “I was in a different world, I didn’t even realize I was on the last lap. I could have gone on for hours.”

“I’ve never been better”, the Mercedes driver continued. “This is top form. I rose above myself today. It felt like I was on a high. This was one of my perfect races. I won a lot, but this might have been the best win.”

Hamilton is on his way to become world champion for the seventh time and earn the stamp of greatest driver of all time. With a seventh title he comes on a par with Michael Schumacher and the record of most GP victories of the German is now also in his sights: 88 at 91. And to think that Hamilton wants to race for at least another three years.

In Barcelona Hamilton already passed his illustrious predecessor Schumacher when it comes to podium finishes. The counter for the Brit now stands at 156.

Hamilton is often alone

Max Verstappen seems less afraid of the coronavirus. The Dutch number two in the World Championship standings this week received a lot of criticism from fans on social media because he didn’t keep the appropriate distance during lunch with his father Jos and former driver Riccardo Patrese in Monte Carlo.

“This season is not a sprint, but a marathon. Apart from that, I’ll continue to fight for diversity and against racism, but I’ll stay sharp. On the circuit I won’t let myself be distracted from the main goal. I use the podium to emphasize what I think is important.”