Just Cause: Mobile rescheduled to 2022

Square Enix will not release a mobile spin-off Just Cause: Mobile in 2021 as originally intended. The company has announced a postponement of the release date: the game will not be released on iOS and Android until 2022. More precise timing is not yet.

The cause of the postponement was called Covid-19 pandemic and the need to rebuild all work for lockdown conditions. This caused a number of processes to be knocked out of the working schedule.

And to smooth the consequences, developers have decided to give extra time. In Just Cause: Mobile, players will have to become members of the secret Firebrand program.

They will be available to large open world locations, competitive modes for three teams of ten, co-op missions for four and additional trials. Closer to release, the company promises show and tell a lot more about the game.

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