Just shout instead of a stick in your nose: new test step closer

Its a cabin like an old phone booth. You stand in it and you can scream loud for a moment. Or sing, if you like. After about ten seconds, the door can be opened again and the test is ready.

If you are not contagious, you can go to your festival, theater, cinema or party. No hassle with sticks and a long wait.

Inventor Peter Wees came up with a demonstration of his steel screaming machine at the end of last year. 120 people per hour can be tested in the so-called โ€œQubaโ€. Admittedly, it is not a cheap cabin – at the moment around 150,000 euros – but it can ultimately give a lot of hassle and costs.

Meanwhile, the device has been tested and more parties can see it.

Heres how it works with the Quba:

Lab-company Eurofins prepared a report on the cabin. The company, which offers commercial corona-virussts among others, is positive about the method and advises the GGD to use the scream booth on test streets to obtain more research data. The study now would show a 94.7 percent similarity between PCR testing and the Quba, the cab of Van Wees.

Last month the GGD sent Van Wees away, fearing that people in the cabin would just get corona. This test shows that this fear is unjustified, says Van Wees.

DeccEit has asked the GGD for a response, but it has not yet responded.

Score above 90 percent would be nice

RIVM spokesperson Coen Berends says that the RIVM is following developments with interest. โ€œBut we dont know the research results yet. For instance, it is important for the RIVM to know more about this first. A score of over 90 percent would be very nice,โ€ says Berends to DeccEit.

According to the inventor himself, the screaming machine also detects contaminants that were not initially found with a PCR test, because the method in the cabin tests the contagiousness. In a PCR test, a person may have corona but not yet contagious.

Direct plans for the device in our country are not yet there. According to Van Wees, there is a deal with a Swiss buyer who would do business for the Bulgarian government. The sale for two hundred copies would be completed. And at the end of April the Quba will also be tested at German primary schools, says Van Wees.

For children, testing without rods in the throat or nose would of course be much more pleasant. And shout for a minute? Most children do that too often.