“Just tell Feyenoord you’re going to be sixth or ninth, what’s against that?”

Hugo Borst has a lot of confidence in Arne Slot as trainer at Feyenoord, but believes that the practice master should be careful in setting goals. The columnist states that Slot in Rotterdam should be given the time to build his team and that the expectation pattern should be significantly reduced.
In the Dick Voormekaar Podcast Borst tells Borst that Slot should keep expectations low this summer. Only I am so afraid that it will be said again in July that Feyenoord will participate in the championship. Slot should not participate in that. According to Borst, Feyenoord has to take place for a number of years. Just say it! Just say for a year: we‘re going to be sixth or ninth, the columnist continues. What is against that?
When Slot gets the time in Rotterdam Borst thinks he is able to bring about beautiful things. I think it might be Peter Bosz’
s level. It is a man of vision, a man with great joy and a man who puts a lot of work in it. And you need it. You have to invest a lot of time in your players and make them clear how you want to play football.
Subsequently, the club itself is responsible for the rest of the business, says Borst. Then Feyenoord will have to do the rest in the coming years by scouting well and setting up the youth education well. Then it can be a good thing, he concludes.