Justice US threatens three ‘anarchist’ cities with cuts

The US Department of Justice is threatening to withdraw funding for a number of progressive cities. A statement states that federal taxpayers money must not be wasted when the safety of citizens is at stake.

We are talking about New York, Portland and Seattle. The political leaders of these cities, governed by democrats, would allow anarchy and chaos on the streets and fail to protect citizens.

Minister Barrs statement states that local leaders are restricting their own police force in their work. This puts innocent civilians who are entitled to protection at risk, including those who wish to protest peacefully, Barr said.

The threat is in the spirit of an announcement made by President Trump earlier this month. He said he would hit cities financially if they cut police budgets or tolerate violent protest. Even then, New York, Portland and Seattle were highlighted, where, according to Trump, anarchy prevails. Todays Barrs statement states that the number of cities may be increased. Billions are going to the cities from Washington.

New attempt to destroy New York

Trump has been at loggerheads with a number of Democratic governors and mayors for months. The President feels that they are reacting too softly to violent protests, which started with the death of George Floyd. He was killed in May when a policeman pressed his knee to his neck for minutes. Trump sent federal troops to the city of Oregon against the wishes of the mayor of Portland. According to the Democrats, Trump was only setting the fire, partly in view of the elections.

Governor Cuomo of New York responded fiercely to Trumps threats earlier this month. He called his announcement another attempt to destroy New York. According to Cuomo, Trump is doing everything in his power to damage the city. “The best thing he could do for New York is leave. Good luck, let him go to Florida. Make sure you dont get any covid.”

In the run-up to the presidential elections at the beginning of November, Trump and the Republicans are warning that the USA will fall into chaos and anarchy under Democrat Biden. On the Democratic side, it is invariably emphasised that the riots and destruction are taking place under Trump. If the Republican stays on for another four years, it will only get worse, is the message in Bidens campaign.