K-2SO from “Rogue One” to appear in TV series “Andor” not immediately

Performer of the K-2SO droid role from Rogue One Alan Tewdick told that his character will appear in the TV series Andor far from immediately. Tüdik said that the filming of the project is in full swing, but his hero will not appear in the first season, although eventually the plot must get to it. Screenwriter Tony Gilroy has a plan for his hero, but how the character will appear in the story – did not reveal.

The actor added that he hopes to start work soon, because filming in a suit to capture movements takes place with special stilts, and over the years it is harder for him to do such tricks. Among other things, Tewdick seems to have confirmed that the show has several seasons planned, although it used to give the impression that it would be a miniseries.

The project is due to premiere at Disney+ in 2022. More on CCeit The Last of Us: Part II became the best-selling game in Russia for 2020 media: the film industry will move all premieres, up to the July Review Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game — Complete Edition.

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