Kaag confirms: Dutch delegation met Taliban

A Dutch delegation spoke to the Taliban in Qatar. Demissionary Foreign Minister Kaag confirmed this in a press conference. She says it was โ€œa first meeting at official levelโ€.

Earlier today, Afghan television station Tolonews reported that Dutch people had consulted with a representative of the Taliban in Qatar. On Twitter, the channel reports that the Dutch delegation spoke with a senior Taliban official about the situation in Afghanistan, the exit opportunities and the functioning of Kabul Airport.

Tolonews was based on a Taliban spokesperson who has a representation in Qatar.

Last night Minister Kaag left with a delegation to Qatar. The Netherlands wants to reinstate evacuations of Dutch and Afghans who worked for Dutch people as soon as possible. After Qatar, the councillor also visits Pakistan and Turkey.

No recognition

Several European countries, including Germany, are already in touch with the Taliban. The Dutch government has previously said not to avoid discussions with the radical Islamic movement if necessary for Dutch interests.

Minister Kaag always stresses that talks with the Taliban do not mean recognition of the new regime in Afghanistan.

Who are the Taliban anyway? Learn more in this video: