Kaag: curfew must be off very quickly, partly because of daylight saving time

The D66 leader and demissionary minister Kaag believes that the curfew should come off very quickly. Next Sunday, daylight saving time starts and Kaag says it will be even more difficult to keep your curfew, especially for young people. In the coming days, the Cabinet will look again at possible easing of the corona measures. There are several discussions about this again, including Sunday in the Catshuis and Tuesday there is a press conference again.

Last week, Prime Minister Rutte said that there will be easing from 31 March, if the figures develop well. Then the terraces might open again, there could be more opportunities for shopping, and students in higher education could go back to college for a part.

Before and after the Council of Ministers this morning, many stakeholders stressed that no decisions have yet been taken, but Kaag did say that many people have the stretch. She added that D66 has long argued for a widening of the approach in the coronacrisis. She pointed out that D66 won in the elections on Wednesday, and she said it should be translated, including in the approach to the coronacrisis.

7500 infections

After the Council of Ministers, Minister Grapperhaus (CDA) said that in one day the number of infections has increased to 7500, anticipating the RVM figures announced later today. Im not in a relaxed mood of this: lets see what can happen. We really need to be very careful. On a possible abolition of curfew, he said that the situation is too serious to speculate on it now, either in one direction or the other.

His fellow Minister Van Ark (VVD) also said that she wants to be reluctant to be all too positive. She pointed out that the number of infections is high, that more than 2000 patients with corona are in hospital and that someone with corona is still on average infected more than one other. She didnt call that a floral starting position.

Reality Check

On possible adjustments to the measures Van Ark said that it is important to keep perspective. But she stressed that the clause applies if it is possible. She called herself an optimistic person, but she also said that there should be a reality check: I was in a hospital in Veldhoven last week to talk to nurses in intensive care. Behind me, the beeps went off. That is the reality, and there were also thirties in the hospital.

Minister Van Engelshoven (like Kaag van D66) said this morning to hope that higher education can be reopened and that there is every reason to take that step: Of course we have concerns about the infection rates, but we also see how the students are doing. She spoke of the need for them to study again.