Kaag: Embassy in Afghanistan Move Temporarily to Qatar

The Dutch embassy in the Afghan capital Kabul is temporarily moving to Qatar. That‘s what demissionary minister Kaag of Foreign Affairs said during her visit to that country.

The last Dutch diplomats left Afghanistan last week when the evacuation mission stopped because it became too unsafe. The Ministry has always said that the embassy in Kabul will reopen as soon as the security situation permits. A representation of the Taliban is based in Qatar.

Women’s Rights

Kaag is in the Gulf State to discuss when and how to resume evacuation from Afghanistan. There are hundreds of Dutch and others in Afghanistan who want to leave for the Netherlands.

At a press conference with her Qatari counterpart, Kaag stressed the importance of an โ€œinclusive political processโ€ in Afghanistan. Human rights, and women‘s rights in particular, must also be respected.

These conditions are important for the resumption of humanitarian aid, the Minister said. โ€œAnd words aren’t enough, we really want to see it.โ€

Pakistan, Turkey and Slovenia

Furthermore, Kaag said that stability in Afghanistan is important for countries in the region and Europe, especially in order to prevent refugee flows.

Later today, she flies to Pakistan and Turkey tomorrow. After her visit to the region, Kaag travels to Slovenia for a meeting with her EU colleagues. That meeting is also mainly about Afghanistan.