Kaag left for Afghanistan region for consultation

Minister Kaag left for Qatar to discuss developments in Afghanistan. After Qatar, the demissionary foreign minister will visit Pakistan tomorrow and Turkey the day after tomorrow. The discussions with colleagues there are mainly what it takes to evacuate Afghans who have worked for the Netherlands and the Dutch.

Kaag talks about the situation at Kabul Airport, the importance of safe departure routes and the potential support of countries in the region. She also wants to discuss the future political situation in Afghanistan. The Netherlands has no contacts with the Taliban so far, but a German envoy does. Kaag also talks to her German colleague Maas tomorrow.

So safe evacuations are the main commitment of the Ministers journey. โ€œBut it would be an illusion to think that one trip is going to deliver immediate results,โ€ she said this morning.

After her visit to the region, Kaag travels to Slovenia on Thursday for a meeting with her EU colleagues. That meeting is also mainly about Afghanistan.