Kaag steps up as minister after censure Chamber, continues formation

Demissionary Minister Kaag of Foreign Affairs resigns. The Chamber took a motion of censure against her and expresses its disapproval for the evacuation operation in Afghanistan. She drew her conclusions from that.

Kaag was at the moods himself. โ€œYour Chamber judges that the cabinet acted irresponsibly. I can‘t help but accept the consequences. The minister must go if the policy is frowned upon,โ€ she said. She is going to resign from the king.

Take a look back at the outgoing minister’s statement here:

The motion received 78 votes in favour and 72 votes against. The motion of censure against demissionary minister of defence Bijleveld also reached a majority. The full opposition and government party ChristenUnie voted in favour of the motions. Government parties VVD, D66 and CDA voted against. The SP‘s motion of mistrust did not make a majority.

Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte praises Kaag’s qualities as minister and calls her departure really terrible news. โ€œIt‘s a big lady, recognized worldwide as a great diplomat. It’s a big loss for the Netherlands.โ€

He couldn‘t say anything about a successor. He did not speak about the consequences for the formation either. โ€œIt just happened a few minutes ago.โ€

Rutte showed himself hit:

Kaag continues as chairman of the group of D66 in the House of Representatives. In that role, she continues to talk about a new cabinet. โ€œHopefully we’ll make a new cabinet, we‘ll form.โ€

The decision didn’t make her easy, she explained. โ€œForeign Affairs was my passion, my heart, who I am. It was an honour to be able to play this role. I have tried to fulfill the office with dignity, to give it value.โ€

In April, Kaag said of the adopted motion of censure against Prime Minister Rutte that she would step up in his case:

In the

afternoon Bijleveld announced that she would stay on as Defence Minister regardless of the vote. โ€œThe cabinet, including myself, indicated yesterday that things didn‘t go well. My priority is still in bringing interpreters that are still in Afghanistan to safety,โ€ says in her statement.

At the end of the votes, Bijleveld didn’t want to say much about the difference between her and Kaag. โ€œIt is a personal trade-off that Mrs Kaag has made and I respect it,โ€ she said. โ€œI made a different personal consideration.โ€