Kaag: The Hague also has board with VVD, D66, CDA, PvdA and GroenLinks

D66 leader Kaag calls VVD and CDA on the right and PvdA and GroenLinks on the left to work with D66 in a cabinet. After a new conversation with Informateur Hamer, she emphasized that these parties are already in the college of B and W, for example in the municipality of The Hague. She also referred to the cooperation in Eindhoven (the same parties but without D66) and in provinces.

โ€œ Through the content we can find each other in the national interest at many times. That would be good, because the elections were already two and a half months ago,โ€ said Kaag. When asked whether she is willing to choose between the PvdA and GroenLinks, she replied that the content is leading. According to Kaag, it is appropriate to look for the similarities between the parties and not the differences.

Ploumen, Clover get out to Hoekstra

Hamer received group chairmen separately today: in addition to Kaag, the leaders of the PvdA, GroenLinks and ChristenUnie, Ploumen, Clover and Segers.


PvdA and GroenLinks have said several times that they only want to be in a cabinet together. Hoekstra and VVD-leader Rutte see little in a coalition that includes both PvdA and GroenLinks.

After their conversation with the informer, Ploumen and Klaver talked to CDA foreman Hoekstra. Ploumen said about him, โ€œStop all these feints and just say no. Hoekstra keeps saying: ‘ahead with the goat’, but I leave it to your imagination whether that goat is also on its way.

Clover joined the following: โ€œRunning away in advance and saying that you think parties are too left, does not fit with the time we are now in.โ€ According to Klaver, Hoekstra mainly says what he does not want and it has to be about what he does want.

Segers: not the turn

Segers reiterated that, for example, you can talk about recovery policy with more parties than just those that come in the cabinet. About the latter he said: โ€œThe first responsibility lies with the biggest parties, then you have to go down slowly and I’ll see if they come to us.โ€

Segers does not assume that he is โ€œhis turnโ€, although he does not rule it out either.

Hamer will continue with her conversations tomorrow. At the end of the morning she receives VVD leader Rutte and Kaag back together. According to the order of the Chamber, the informer must have completed her report by Sunday.