Kaag travels to Qatar, Pakistan and Turkey as soon as possible

Demissionary Foreign Minister Kaag goes to Qatar, Pakistan and Turkey as soon as possible. The purpose of her journey is to re-enable evacuations of Dutch people โ€œand others we want to bring to the Netherlandsโ€ from Kabul.

That won‘t happen overnight, Kaag said. โ€œIf you look at safety and recent rocket shooting, it doesn’t look hopeful at the moment. That‘s why we need to work on Plan B.โ€

It is

estimated that hundreds of Dutch people and hundreds of Afghans who have worked with the Netherlands still want to leave the country, but can’t do that right now. Kaag also wants to discuss on the spot where the Dutch Embassy for Afghanistan can be temporarily located.

Talking to the Taliban

Kaag has no contact with the Taliban himself, but a German envoy does. The demissionary minister will speak to this envoy together with her German official, she stressed.

โ€œWe are looking for opportunities to resume evacuation and humanitarian access.โ€ Kaag added that talking to the Taliban is not equal to recognition from the Taliban.

Saturday it was already announced that Kaag is going to the region, but specific countries were not mentioned at that time. When the minister leaves, it has not been disclosed.