Kabinet formally calls floods South Limburg a disaster, government pays part damage

The floods in South Limburg are in a formal sense a disaster. That‘s what demissionary Prime Minister Rutte announced after the cabinet’s crisis deliberation.

It means that the Cabinet initiates the Damage Compulsion Act. This way, the victims quickly get clear whether their damage is (partly) reimbursed by the government, if their insurance doesn‘t cover it.

The law applies in cases where the damage is so great that insurance companies may not be able to bear it. It must first be determined that the damage is the result of force majeure – and the Cabinet has now done so.

No Need for Spotwatchers

The demissionary prime minister called the situation in the area as we can all see, without any doubt serious. Tomorrow afternoon he will look for himself in areas in Limburg where things will be exciting in the coming days.

So Rutte does not go to the affected area and called on others not to do that either. Please try to avoid the disaster area if it can. There’s no need for snoopers.

This was what Rutte told after the crisis deliberation: