Kabinet hopes to open hospitality and culture, but ‘will not give guarantees yet ‘

The cabinet is hopeful that the hospitality industry, the event and cultural sector can open quickly. There is also a chance that public will be allowed in sports competitions again. But its certainly not at all. โ€œIm not going to give any guarantees,โ€ said Prime Minister Rutte in the House of Representatives debate about the recent corona relaxings. โ€œIts still too early,โ€ also said Minister Kuipers of Health.

Next Tuesday, on 25 January, there may be a new press conference by Rutte and Kuipers, but that is not 100 percent fixed.


The pressure on the cabinet to reopen the cafes, restaurants, cinemas, museums and theaters is high. Not only from society and mayors, but also from the House of Representatives. During the corona debate, all kinds of parties said to find it incomprehensible that Ikea can open and a theater is not.

Yesterday, the cultural sector protested throughout the country. That looked like this:

Rutte also feels the pressure, he said. But there is no prediction yet to be made about the easing. The data on the recent easing from Saturday 15 January – such as the opening of education, hairdressers and non-essential stores – is still missing. Now the corona shots in hospitals are declining, but it is uncertain whether this line will continue, he emphasized.

Profit Alert

The experts from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) will meet tomorrow and on Monday the most involved ministers will still be together in the Catshuis. The Council of Ministers will meet tomorrow, but nothing will be clear after that either. โ€œWe are hopeful, but with a profit warning,โ€ said the Prime Minister. โ€œI dont know more tomorrow than today. Hopefully Tuesday.โ€

It was the first corona debate for VWS Minister Kuipers who, as chairman of the National Network Acute Care, coordinated the spread of corona patients across Dutch hospitals. He addressed the request for another registration of corona patients in such a way that Chairman of the Chamber

Bergkamp sighed that the debate was beginning to look โ€œvery much like a technical briefingโ€. โ€œMP GรผndoฤŸan van Volt commented: โ€œIt is just such a nice debate with facts and less noise.โ€

Kuipers can also not give any prediction whether corona can be treated as a regular flu in the long term. BBB MP Van der Plas emphatically asked at what moment corona as a common flu occasionally pops up and no radical measures are needed.

If someone has been infected with, for example, the delta or omikron variant, a future ypsilon variant can still make sick again, Kuipers emphasizes. There is no ypsilon variant at the moment.


The controversial 2G approach did not become a major theme in the debate. The cabinet finds it unwise to call off the 2G system altogether, despite the fact that now no majority is ahead. It just doesnt have to be entered now. โ€œLets keep 2G in the toolbox. Its unwise to throw it away now.โ€

Will we ever get rid of corona again? Ceit op 3 figured it out: