Kabinet thinks of compulsory corona access ticket in hospitality, terrace and cinema

The cabinet is thinking about introducing a corona entry ticket in the hospitality industry, at all kinds of entertainment venues and art and culture performances. There are another 1.8 million Dutch people who have not yet been vaccinated and that number is too high, writes Demissionary Minister De Jonge of Health to the House of Representatives.

This can cause the IC capacity to overload again. โ€œIf this number does not go down, we have to apply the tickets broadly,โ€ says De Jonge.

Admission Ticket

The government is going to prepare a law to implement the measure at the end of September. It also needs to be handled on a variety of practical issues The letter discusses the establishment of an admission ticket โ€œfor the hospitality industry, events (including festivals), for the public at professional sports competitions and for the display of art and cultureโ€. The corona pass could start September 25th.

A corona entry ticket is already being asked for at some events such as festivals, cultural events and sports events with many people. But on a terrace, cinemas or a smaller cultural show, there is no need to demonstrate that the visitor has had the required vaccinations or cured from covid-19.


In a number of countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Austria, guests and spectators have to prove that they are corona-free. That‘s not undisputed. It is seen as a means of coercive to get people vaccinated anyway.

But De Jonge thinks there is no need for vaccination. In particular, the cabinet fears an overoccupation of IC capacity because there are another 1.8 million unvaccinated people. If they get sick, care cannot handle that, says De Jonge. โ€œThe rack is out. We’re not supposed to do that to the care. But the stretch is also out of society for even more stringent corona measures.โ€

On September 14, the Cabinet will discuss the progress of current corona measures, such as the one-and-a-half meter rule and the face mask requirement in public transport. If these measures disappear, the ‘broader’ introduction of the corona pass is an additional measure to prevent spread. This will be especially monitored on occasions where a lot of people come.

The cabinet is also going to think whether there is a need to pay their own contribution for the access tests.