Kabinet to pay extra money for climate and safety with Prinsjesdag

The demissionary government wants to spend 6 to 7 billion euros next year to reduce CO2 emissions and another half billion for tackling crime. Initiates confirm reports from De Cceit and RTL News. Today, the Cabinet finally adopted the budget presented with Prinsjesdag.

The extra money for the climate approach stems from the Urgenda judgment, which forces the government to take action. The money would be used to entice people to make sustainability through grants, for example by purchasing an electric car or isolating their homes.

There is also a lot more money going to the pot where companies and nonprofits can get subsidies if they want to set up solar parks or windmills, for example.

On the third Tuesday in September, the government will also announce that more than EUR 400 million is going to combat undermining crime. This is spent in different ways. More money goes to the security of endangered persons. A majority of chambers had insisted on that after the murder of Peter R. de Vries. The Millions Note also releases money for social lawyers.