Kabinet wants to open the Netherlands faster, from June 30 again fewer coronarerules

The cabinet wants to remove the Netherlands from the lock faster than planned, from 30 June. The maximum group size at home is then eight people, more guests are allowed in restaurants (up to 100 people) and sports competitions are allowed. That‘s what sources report to DeccEit.

The simplifications relate to step 5 in the Cabinet’s previously published roadmap. The condition is that the number of infections does not increase too much in the coming period. Starting June 5, step 3 starts, as it was already known. Step 4 was already scheduled for June 30.

At step 5, the hospitality industry may remain open until midnight and theatres, museums and cinemas may allow more visits. There will also be more room for entrance tests at events.

The basic rules continue to apply, such as keeping one and a half metres away, staying at home in case of health complaints and the duty of mouth cap.

Take a look at the simplifications in step 5, which should take effect from 30 June:

The Cabinet was actually planning to take step 5 on July 21. But the number of corona infections and hospitalizations is now going down so fast that the cabinet thinks that most of the coronavirus rules can be released three weeks earlier.

Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge van Health will announce this at the coronapers conference tonight at 7 p.m. Then more details will be disclosed. This press conference is also about the forthcoming eases from 5 June.

Now especially the terraces and shops are open and then in a week the restaurants and cafes will arrive for up to 50 guests. The hospitality industry is open until 22:00 and museums, theatres, cinemas and other ‘flow venues’ can be visited again from 5 June.

Take a look at the easing, planned in step 3, June 5th.