Kainga construction bagel: Seeds of Civilization going on Kickstarter

Self-taught game designer Eric Rempen is very soon about to launch a Kickstarter campaign of his debut project, Kainga: Seeds of Civilization. The attempt to raise money for the game starts on the 18th may. In Kainga: Seeds of Civilization we have to build a village for the natives and lead it to prosperity.

At the same time, we will have to constantly adapt to the environment, random events and current needs of settlers. Thanks to this, each passage will be unique.

Kainga concentrates not on long development, but on short, half-hour or hour-long sessions. The village is constantly in danger, it is threatened by neighbors, wild beasts, natural disasters.

And it is worth the leader to die as the party lost. Eric Rempen admits that he traveled more than 60 countries and everywhere he was struck by the diversity of cultures.

This he is trying to bring into the game, which he always dreamed of playing – but since it did not exist, I had to take up the cause of itself. On Steam town planning bagel Kainga: Seeds of Civilization should appear in the fall of 2021.

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5 million.