Kainga creator revealed gameplay with comments

Green Man Gaming Publishing‘s publishing arm, which has taken gamedesigner Eric Rempen’s solo project under wing, has announced the release of a new edition of a free demonstration version of the construction Kainga: Seeds of Civilization. The new Kainga trailer is dedicated to showing gameplay. In it we can see some new biomes, mechanics and tests.

Some of them can be seen in the updated demo with the creator‘s commentatries. In particular, you can get to the Plains, see new beasts, and complete a rescue mission: build a rescue vehicle for a fellow captive and to build a city to do so.

Kainga doesn’t have a release date, but Steam is still planning to release it early this year. More on Game K Maneater released first supplement, Truth Quest Creators Sheltered 2 introduced faction leaders All for Family: Crime comedy The Big Con is out on Steam.