Kainga: Seeds of Civilization Comes to Early Access

Today, November 11, the well-established Kainga: Seeds of Civilization strategy will be available in Early Access. For a limited time, it will be sold at a 20% discount. The creators of the game have already talked about plans for its development during the Early Access period.

We are waiting for both content additions and the introduction of new mechanics and biomes. So far, only three regions are available in Early Access: lush terraces, desert plains and archipelagos.

In future updates, developers will add trade with neighboring cities and travel, inventions, new processing technologies, improved wildlife and new biomes: green deciduous forest, dark forest with undead and dark secrets, canyons, cliffs and icy cliffs. the creators of Kainga: Seeds of Civilization promise to add new units and buildings, animals, random events and playable heroes, improve sound effects, optimization and localization.

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