Kainga: Seeds of Civilization has already passed Kickstarter

Single developer Eric Rempen in mid-May took out his real time strategic survival Kainga: Seeds of Civilization on Kickstarter. And the fate of the campaign is beyond threat: the necessary amount of $15,000 is collected. The creator of Kainga has already outlined the first additional goals.

If the fundraising continues at a shock pace, the game will have balloons – judging by the illustration, for moving, not for holidays, as well as stray merchants and sandbox mode. In addition to this , savers can vote for additional supplements in the gameplay.

And thanks to them in the game there will be nets for fishing and the opportunity to try to tame a giant snail – this is risky and can end unpredictably. To the final of the campaign Kainga: Seeds of Civilization has 15 days left.

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