Karlsson hoped for a transfer: “A lot of discussions between me and AZ”

Jesper Karlsson had considerable discussions with AZ over the summer. The 24-year-old Swede had set his sights on a transfer, but the Alkmaar people did not let him go.
According to De Cceit, Celta de Vigo and Bournemouth wanted to pay fifteen million euros, while Karlsson was also cautiously linked to PSV as a possible successor to Cody Gakpo. However, the left winger is still playing in the AFAS Stadium. The summer was special. I suffered an injury, missed the international match with Sweden and then there were a lot of discussions between me and AZ, he tells Fotbollskanalen.
Karlsson realizes that he still has a contract until mid-2026, so he had little to demand. I wanted one thing and they had another plan. I‘m a professional and I have a contract so I had to listen. I had to get rid of what I wanted and felt, but it’s not something I can influence right now. I need to focus on my return and start playing. We had different interests. I think they understand me and I understand the club too. I‘ve shown great things and they want to have a good year and be at the top.
However, Karlsson acknowledges that he thought the time was right for a new step. I had a good time here, but I love new challenges and a new environment to see how well I can do there. I was really excited about that, but this is football and I signed a contract with AZ. I like it here too. We play football well and I feel that I am still developing. That’
s a positive thing, although I have ambitions and thoughts about where I see myself and what I think I can achieve.
It involved large amounts of money, but AZ had the last word. I couldn‘t influence that, continues Karlsson, who is flattered by the amounts mentioned. That’s nice, of course. It is a sign that I am doing well and that I am working hard. I know I can get even better, concludes the Swede, who hopes to return soon after the international period after an injury.