Karlsson wants to leave AZ: “For us, it is currently unnegotiable”

Jesper Karlsson wants to leave AZ for a larger club, but technical director Max Huiberts hopes to keep him inboard for another year. In fact, a departure is currently unnegotiable.
Karlsson is in the concrete interest of Spains Celta de Vigo and has already stated in Swedish media that he would like to leave. We have indicated that we want to maintain a strong selection and perform. For us, it is currently unnegotiable, says Huiberts to DecceIT.
The story goes that Celta made ten million bids on Karlsson. I will not accept amounts that are or are not offered. They reported to us a while ago. I told Jesper right away that we want to keep him for another year. That message has come across clearly and remains so, says Huiberts. I understand that that is quite difficult to hear because you always want to take a nice step, but he also has to understand that we want to perform with AZ. He had two good years and if another good year follows, there might be nicer clubs for him.
At the same time, Huiberts knows that everything has a price. That is absolutely true. I am certainly not saying that everything is unnegotiable, but at the moment we are not getting a similar player. When we got Jesper, we let Idrissi go. We were able to do that because we had brought in a similar, if not better, player. Jesper is of great value to AZ. We need it to achieve our goals.