Karsdorp: One of my worst matches: I dont care anything

Rick Karsdorp ended a remarkable week with European silver goods: the right-back of AS Roma won the Conference League at the expense of childhood sweetheart Feyenoord. However, according to the three-time Dutch international, it was not a successful match.

‘The only happy Dutch’ appeared in front of ESPN‘s camera after the ceremony. โ€œIt was the first time I played against my old team, very strange. I cramped after sixty minutes, very strange. At one point I was bothered by my walking, I think I went too long with a cramp, in my calves: a very weird week, I think it was one of my worst matches. But yes, I don’t care about anything.โ€
The fact that Karsdorp would run into his old club was often mentioned beforehand. โ€œIt‘s strange, beforehand. You get messages from friends, from family, it’s very strange. But during the match you don‘t really think about that, in the end you win 1-0 and take that cup with you to Roma. I already read everything in the media: Roma is going to score 1-0 and shut everything up. In the end, we did that too. Feyenoord very well, I must say. But in the end, we won.โ€

Rick Karsdorp said he played one of his worst matches ever against โ€œhisโ€ @Feyenoord: โ€œBut I don’t care about that at all.โ€ #romfey #uecl #deontknoping pic.twitter.com/LWHMWCDUWO
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) May 25, 2022