Katy Perry releases clip featuring Pikachu and Pichu

Studio Game Freak in 1996 released a twin game Pokémon Red & Green (in the West they were called Red and Blue). So this year the Pokémon series celebrates its 25th anniversary. And a new part of the festivities was a fresh clip by Katie Perry.

The famous singer released an Electric clip featuring the most famous Pokemon, Pikachu, and its pre-evolution Pichu. Both of these creatures are electric type, and in the clip they symbolize growing up: Pichu makes up the company of a young version of Katie Perry.

This is not the first musical message in honor of the anniversary of the series. At the beginning of the year, American rapper Post Malone recorded a virtual concert in the world of Pokémon and with their direct participation.

Tracks by Katy Perry, Post Malone, as well as Jay Balvin and as yet unknown superstars will include in a special album due out this fall as part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of pocket monsters. More on Gambling Players WoW Classic outraged the price of cloning, and Blizzard reduced the media: Disney+ audience growth slowed down and did not meet the expectations of analysts In BioWare told about creation Mass Effect trilogy in honor of the release of Legendary Edition.