Keanu Reeves is the canonical hero of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe

The other day CD Projekt Red posted one of the tracks we‘ll hear in the Cyberpunk 2077 game. The band Run the Jewels, which will feature in the game called Yankee and the Brave, released a music video No Save Point. If you listen to the lyrics, it can be concluded that Keanu Reeves fits into Cyberpunk’s canonical 2077 universe alongside its hero, Johnny Silverend.

โ€œKeanu Reeves, cyber arm under my sleeveโ€, – we are talking about these words. Patrick K.

Mills, senior quest designer at Cyberpunk 2077, explained what was going on. According to him, the song features a cultural reference to Keane Reeves, a little-known actor of the collapse era.

Recall that mythology collapse, during which Western civilization fell and the era of cyberpunk began, happened in 1990-. The game Keanu Reeves was incredibly similar to Johnny Silverend, singer and guitarist with a silver cyber-arm.

And after Johnny‘s disappearance, Keanu was even often mistaken for the former soloist of the band Samurai. The real-life Keanu Reeves until 1994, before the release of the action film โ€œSpeedโ€, may well have been considered a little-known actor: he starred predominantly in teen comedies and independent dramas, for deduction of the film โ€œOn the Crest of a Waveโ€.

In addition in the 1990s, he played bass guitar in the alternative rock band Dogstar. More on CCeit Streamers protest against โ€œmusicalโ€ bans with voiceless broadcasts In remake Demon’s Souls found a door that was not in the original PlayStation 4 came out exactly 7 years ago.