Keanu Reeves talks about the background of comic book hero BRZRKR

Last fall, the Kickstarter-campaign of comic BRZRKR on a story coined by Keanu Reeves took place. Instead of the $50,000 required amount, the campaign account turned out to be nearly one and a half million dollars. And now the creators announced the imminent release of the first part: it will appear on March 3.

Initially, they intended to start selling the comic in October, then the first issue moved to February 24, and now the premiere shifted to early March. The release will be sold in specialty stores as well as in the studio store Boom! .

Another trailer, voiced by Reeves, told the backstory of the protagonist BRZRKR, the damned immortal demigod. After centuries of wandering, he finally found a way out: if he did everything the US government ordered, he could find out the truth about his existence.

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