Keeper Club Brugge returns to PSV youth school after one year

PSV has added a new goalkeeper to the youth school. Daan van den Brande comes over from Club Brugge and joins PSV O18 in Eindhoven. He signs a three-season contract in Eindhoven.
The average PSV connoisseur will be familiar with Van den Brandes name. It is the second time that he will wear the PSV shirt. Van den Brande (16) made the switch from the Belgian Lierse SK to PSV in 2018, after which he decided to switch to Club Brugge after three years. After a year, Van den Brande returns to Eindhoven. Why he is returning to PSV is not clear.
Van den Brande has to deal with head coach Theo Lucius at PSV O18. He was head coach of PSV O17 for the past year, but has received a different team from the club.

Say hello to the new keeper of PSV O18 ๐Ÿงค Welcome back to Eindhoven, Daan! ๐Ÿ˜ #PSVAcademy
โ€” PSV (@PSV) August 3, 2022