Keijzer also questions the conduct of the candidate election

Keijzer was also a candidate, but she dropped out in the first round. The second round went between Omtzigt and deputy prime minister De Jonge, who narrowly won. Keijzer does not doubt the result. “I think that’s the way it is. But if at any point there’s any doubt, you have to figure it out to end the discussion.”

Omtzigt also asked for a “conclusive explanation” yesterday. He doesn’t like the fact that his wife read last month, after she thought she had voted for her husband: “Thank you for your vote for Hugo the Younger”.

The board said earlier this week that the case has been investigated and that no technical errors have been found. According to the party, there have been six reports from people who thought they had voted for one candidate, and received a thank you for voting for the other.

Keijzer joins Omtzigt. “I think it’s special when there are pop-ups that give a different picture than what you’ve voted.” She wants the party to show what the “underlying system” was. “What was the algorithm? I don’t think there are any ICT specialists on the board, so you always have to involve others if you want to know.”

The Younger thinks the storm will come down soon. “Such an election always gives some swell and friction in a party and it always takes a while for the weather to calm down,” he said this morning. He says he wants to get started quickly, along with his running mate Omtzigt, to prepare for the election. “That’s what the CDA members expect of us. There’s a lot of work to be done.”

CDA Minister Grapperhaus doesn’t care about the story. “I don’t find it so shocking. It was a wonderful election, it was very exciting. And if I have to go over it again, I won’t be so alarmed. That’s democracy at its best.”

‘No pretty picture’

Minister of Finance Hoekstra calls it “not a pretty picture this morning”. He is referring to the front page of De CCeit. This morning it was written there in large letters that it is ‘Code red’ with his party, now that Omtzigt has asked for clarification.

According to the newspaper, this is “a new blemish on the leadership of Hugo the Younger, whose mandate was already tight. Also his attempt to bring unity back by making Omtzigt to his running mate is not going well”.

Hoekstra himself was long mentioned as an important candidate, but he announced in June that he did not want to become a CDA list leader. He didn’t think he was cut out of the right wood. He now wishes that the fuss about the outcome of the election is quickly over. “I very much hope we all have a bright future together.”