“Kellyanne Conway put my nude photo online”

Again at the Conway house. Former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway alleged to have shared a nude photo of her underage daughter Claudia on social media. After Claudia sent that earlier crying to her 1.6 million followers, the lecture has now changed.

Claudia stated on TikTok that her mother had taken her phone, because she always does, and then shared a topless picture of the teenager. The photo would have been shown on Twitter by Conway senior, says the New York Post, in Fleets, where photos disappear after a day.

The picture is from months ago. I think my mom grabbed my phone and took a picture of it. Since then, it was also on her phone, said Claudia on TikTok.

After that, she accidentally placed it. Or she was hacked. But nobody has that picture. So, Kellyanne, youre going into the f**king cell. Many followers of the teenager were angry that her mother, de facto, was spreading child pornography.

Kellyanne Conway resigned as the right-hand man of Donald Trump after a fight with her daughter, widely spread on social media. She wanted to spend more time with her family. Looks like the cold isnt out of the sky after months.

New explanation

Meanwhile, the videos of daughter love have been removed. She dropped her accusations. In a video spread by the father, the Republican leader George Conway, Claudia apologizes. Yesterday I was very, very angry and behaved irrationally and impulsively. I know my mother would never do anything like that and would never intentionally hurt me, and I believe she was hacked. Im sorry that all of this has become public.

Claudia has once again announced a break on social media to work on the relationship with her mother. Last time the break took a day, while Twitter actively removes the photos.