Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Twelve Minutes among Tribeca 2021 Festival nominees

Tribeca Film Festival 2021 presented a line of nominees among video games – they were included in the official program first. In the fight for the award of the festival will take part eight projects, among them: Twelve Minutes Harold Halibut Kena: Bridge of Spirits Lost in Random NORCO Sable Signalis. For the new section, a special commission was previously created, which among others included Jeff Keeley, Hideo Kojima, Sam Lake and Jon Favreau.

Among all projects will be chosen one that has demonstrated the most outstanding artistic qualities, especially concerning storytelling. The festival itself will be held from 9 to 20 June, where the demo will be availableversions of projects.

At the same time, games at the festival were celebrated since 2011, when L. A.

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