Kena: Bridge Of Spirits gameplay recordings with E3 appeared on the network

Ember Lab during the E3 2021 exhibition opened the press access to a demo version of the adventure Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. This is one of the first games announced for the PlayStation 5, but it has lost a sensation due to postponement. However, the future game is promising.

Let the project, judging by the records, and not amazed by the originality of ideas, have a number of unusual mechanics built into it. For example, players will be able to control the squads of creatures that help heroine.

The game is a bright picture. That being said, dont forget, the studio creating Kena: Bridge Of Spirits employs just 15 people.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits is released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and RS on August 24. Pre-orders are already open, and the standard edition in the PlayStation Store and Epic Games Store can be bought for 2849 rubles.

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