Kendrick Lamar will release new music soon

Fans have had to wait for new music since 2017, but it seems that Kendrick Lamar will come up with a new album soon. According to Top Dawg Entertainment Director and rapper Punch, to which Lamar is connected, new music is coming very quickly from the popular rapper.

The joyous news was thrown into the world when Punch was invited to the podcast Girl I Guess. โ€œKnow youre always welcome,โ€ host Karen Civil told him on Twitter. โ€œAnd maybe we can play that new Kendrick song you made me hear?!โ€ Punch responded to that. โ€œYES! Quickly.โ€

In 2017, Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, as the rapper is fully called, released his latest album DAMN. The American has 13 Grammy Awards to his name.