Kensington Sets Final Stripe Through European Tour

Kensington definitely puts a line through the European tour that the band had planned from March. โ€œBecause Covid-19 is unfortunately still very present all over the world, we are forced to officially cancel our European tour. To postpone again has become too difficult and we want to send everyone a clear messageโ€, writes the band on Instagram.

โ€œ It is simply not possible to (re) plan something complicated like a European tour at the momentโ€, continues the band, who would kick off the tour in Leuven on 20 March. Until the beginning of April, Kensington had eleven concerts in nine different countries.

โ€œ It sucks, but we think this is the best and only possible decision at the moment,โ€ says the Utrecht band. The refund of tickets is made via the ticket seller. โ€œStay safe, everyone. A big virtual hug, KST.โ€