Kerkez sees a dream come true: ‘A year ago, I watched them on TV in the CL’

Last week, Milos Kerkez experienced one of the highlights of his career. The left back made his debut for Hungary‘s national team and played against both Germany and Italy.
Kerkez calls it an incredible and unforgettable moment for myself and my family. I am honored to have received this opportunity from my country and my coach. It was great. I am very happy. I heard from the coach the day before that he trusts me and wanted to get started in the basics. That day, I was shaking a bit. It is a great honor to play for your country, says Kerkez via the AZ channels.
On race day, a lot of players and the coach came to me. We talked and then I calmed down. I walked onto the field in a full of stadiums with star players on that left side. Playing against them was unforgettable. I think I played a good game. The coach was also proud and happy with my game. I’
m glad that the whole team played that game so well. Everyone wanted to win to make our country proud. It was very special to play against these stars. A year ago, I was watching them on TV in the Champions League and now I was facing them.