Kevin Costner sues former business partner for 15 million

Kevin Costner has started a legal fight with a former business partner. According to the Oscar winner, Jim Wilson refuses to give up his share in a production company where he hasn‘t worked for 16 years.

The two met when Wilson Costner helped play a role in Stacy’s Knights from 1983, one of the actor‘s first bigger film jobs. Costner then co-produced his director debut Dances With Wolves (1990), which earned the duo an Academy Award for Best Film. The men then worked through production company TIG on a series of films, including The Bodyguard, Wyatt Earp, The Postman and Message In A Bottle. According to Costner, that would make Wilson at least $35 million.

In addition to TIG, Costner founded another production company, Good Ones Productions, which worked with loans from TIG. In his suit, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor claims that when he tried to lift Good Ones last summer, Wilson refused to give up his share. According to Costner, he is committing fraud, renouncing his fiduciary duty and guilty of unjust enrichment.

Costner’s lawyers write: โ€œConsidering that Costner and Wilson have not done business in twelve years, Wilson no longer has a position at TIG, is no longer interested in producing projects, no longer claims the profits and he no longer works with Costner when it comes to the projects, it doesn‘t make sense that Wilson doesn’t want to give up his share.โ€

In addition to Wilson, Costner is also suing his former lawyer, who is now working for Wilson. This Zeke Lopez was supposed to have stolen documents when he left Good Ones.