Kevin Fygee confirms Abomination from ‘Hulk’ appeared in ‘Shan-Chi’ trailer

Kevin Fygee confirmed that the recent trailer for Shan-Chi and the Ten Rings Legend featured a monster Abomination from The Incredible Hulk . He can be seen in the arena at the end of the commercial when the main characters of the new movie come to some underground fights. So the creation really battles Doctor Stranges assistant Wong — why theyre fighting, Faigie, really, didnt explain.

Perhaps its just a kind of competitive tournament. Fagey always liked this villain, the human version of which was played by Tim Roth.

According to the producer, bringing similar characters back to the MCU after a long hiatus is quite fascinating. Since the release of Incredible Hulk, the fate of Abomination has only been different, but it seems his appearance has changed slightly since then.

In addition, Faygie recalled the twist with the chapter Ten Rings organization, Mandarin, from the third Iron Man, when Ben Kingsleys character turned out to be a regular cast in the story. Fagi noted that it would be difficult to uncover the real hero in the Iron Man story, because these tapes are primarily about Tony Stark.

Shan-Chi will present a real villain with the same nickname. You can find out the details of what is happening on September 2, when Shan-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is released in a Russian run.

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