Kevin Smith on Netflixs Lords of the Universe criticism: “Grow up, *****”

Variety published an article about Netflixs new Lords of the Universe, where they discussed fan reactions to changes in the canon of the universe. The interview with Kevin Smith was recorded before the release, but the author has already explained his ideas, which have angered fans of the original animated series. Revelations now has extremely low user ratings on aggregators: 4.

7 on IMDb, 32% on Rotten Tomatoes and 2. 1 on Metacritic.

Smith has already noted in the past that he wasnt a fan of the original, and watched it in his youth more out of habit and out of some sense of hatred. Smith didnt like Hi-Mans lack of battles with Skeletor and some bets in the plot.

The same thing he didnt want to be the guy who would make the original lovers angry, which sounds pretty good now ironic. So when he was initially offered to do the project, he doubted, but then simply decided to remake a formula familiar to lovers.

Smith admitted that he is close to the approach of Marvel and Kevin Fygee, who take material from childhood and improve it. Thats exactly what we did here, too.

Kevin SmithNext FOLLOW SPOILERSThe main problem for all fans was the two story twists of the first half of the story, when at the beginning Hi-Man and Skeletor go missing from the story, and after human version of the hero, Adam, and dies definitively. The main part of the story is Adams girlfriend, Tila.

However, the creators refuted the story with the heros death, stating that he is only very badly injured in the finale of the first episodes. Do you ***** think Mattel Television [the author firm], who hired me and paid the money, want to do ****** Lords of the Universe without Hi-Men? Grow up, *****.

Kevin Smithsam Smith believes that the story does not spit on the past, but only raises the plots stakes and shows the outcome of Hi-Men and Skeletors final battle. The second half of the story will embody the concept that Mattel spokesman Rob David was originally proposing to do.

In his version of the story, the Sword was shared, as in the show, but Adam did not disappear, but was trying to find ways to become a hero and regain power. It looks like the character will be involved in the sequel.

whether any of the fans watch it is a big question. More on Game In Deaths Door in a week, more than 100,000 people Zombies return in TV series based on Day of the Dead Dead Space 2 art director works over the remake of the first Dead Space.