KeyWe Co-op Adventure is released in summer on RS and consoles

Publishing house Sold Out and studio Stonewheel & Sons have announced that the KeyWe co-op puzzle will be released this summer. And not only on the RS, but, as previously thought, on consoles. The game will be available on Xbox Series, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

KeyWes main characters are Jeff and Debra. They are Kiwi birds, and in doing so they work at the post office.

Players are waiting for a lot of the most incredible tests, in the process of which wingless birds will have to pack parcels, send and receive letters, sort receipts and be managed with mail Technica. Pass the game is more fun and easiest in a cooperative with a friend.

But those with no friends will be able to cope on their own, driving Jeff and Debra from the same controller. More on CCeit Team17 announces 2021 the โ€œyear of Super Magbotโ€ In DayZ, another zeroing of Farathan servers took place: two game designers make โ€œown Gothicโ€.