Kid stuck on island after wet suit: fire brigade comes to the rescue

An adventurous boy with bad luck got a big wet suit on Monday afternoon in Muntendam (municipality of Midden-Groningen), when he fell pardoes through the too thin ice on a pond. At that time he was near an island in the chilly water feature in Groningens place.

After swimming through the ice, the teenager managed to reach the island, but could not return so easily to the shore and thus to the warmth, he discovered shivering. The way back from the puddle turned out to be more difficult than the way out.

His coat was also on the other side of the water when freezing, so it quickly became very cold. One of his comrades who was there called the emergency services. The fire brigade arrived smoothly on the spot at the Muntelaan. To warm up a little, the fire brigade asked the drowning only to dance and jump a little and otherwise keep moving. According to photographers present, the boy was about 13 years old and from Veendam.

Cup among

Divers, however, quickly ventured a splash in the cold water and with a firefighter the ice was broken, says spokesman Johan Bosklopper of the fire department: โ€œThe boy had gone down, so he had gotten cold anyway. He had, as it were, gone ice cream in one night, and unfortunately he couldnt. The well-cooled boy was quickly helped in a blanket by the divers, sailed smoothly by boat to the shore and examined in the ambulance. Once examined, he was handed over by the firefighters to his mother.โ€

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Netherlands skating land

Elsewhere in the country people pull the skates before they hit the ice. For example, the ice rink in Burgum in Friesland is open for youth members. Up to a hundred children are allowed to come because of the coronavirus rules. Willem Provily, chairman of the ice club, stood on the ice at 13.00. โ€œWe said, well do it. Tomorrow its thawing again. We let the children skate and well see how long we can last.โ€

The natural ice in the Ryptsjerksterpolder can provide a solution for other skaters. The ice would be two centimeters thick in some places. Nevertheless, a number of skaters fell into weak spots with their feet through the ice, reports a photographer who went on the spot.