Kidnapping British Girl Stopped By Stopping Taxi Plane

The British police were able to prevent a kidnapped 4-year-old girl from leaving the country in close time. The aircraft with which the kidnapper wanted to fly the child to Romania was stopped during taxiing at Heathrow.

The girl was abducted Thursday afternoon in County Nottinghamshire. The police used, among other things, number plate recognition of cameras along roads to find out where the kidnapper was headed.

When it became clear that the man was headed for Heathrow, boarding records from the airport showed that he wanted to take a flight to the Romanian capital Bucharest. That plane was supposed to leave at 6:00 p.m., one hour and three minutes after the police received the first report of the kidnapping.

Just in time

It was a race against time to find him, says the leader of the police investigation. The plane was already taxiing and ready to take off, but we were just in time.

The plane returned to the gate, where the 32-year-old kidnapper was arrested. Hes been interrogated and released on bail. The guy is a friend of the girl, reports the police, but it is not clear why he kidnapped her.

The girl has reunited with her mother. But according to the police, things could have turned out quite differently if the services had not worked so smoothly.