Kieft breaks for Ihattaren: ‘Testimating bad guidance from Raiola’

Wim Kieft has lashed out at Mino Raiola. According to the analyst and former striker, poor guidance is one of the reasons that Mohamed Ihattarens career is in danger of falling between shore and ship.
Kieft also read the interview of Ihattaren in De Cceit and in his column in the same newspaper says that he does understand the attacking midfielder. โ€œI am not surprised that he was left to fate with Sampdoria, as he says. That is often the fate you find when you end up at smaller Italian clubs. It testifies to poor guidance from Mino Raiola that he lets someone of 19 years of age go from PSV to Juventus on the last day of transfer and forwarded directly to Genoa.

Nevertheless, the columnist thinks that Ihattaren is a thing or two to blame. Thats how he should never have given up so quickly. โ€œIn those countries, it is normal that you have to wait two or three months for your salary. In addition, it must come out of yourself to want to succeed somewhere and put everything aside for that. Then you dont just walk away when its a bit against it. That gives you the idea that someone doesnt know what top football is all about.
Kieft describes the career and problems surrounding Ihattaren as a โ€œsad storyโ€.
Ihattaren is training with Gerald Vanenburg now, but if that boy does not see the light himself, it will be nothing. Whoever interferes with him. Of course, everyone is willing to help him. The same was true for Toon Gerbrands and John de Jong, the two directors at PSV. And its not like Ihattaren is making a trained impression right now. Its hard to blame your supervisors for that.