Kieft comes up with candidate union coach: ‘He will hold little hope’

Wim Kieft hopes that the players of Orange need a national coach with power and personality. The former striker thinks Dick Advocaat would still be poking for employment.
The KNVB is committed to a trainer with a natural aura around it. Kieft says to understand that. โ€œIt is necessary for Memphis Depay to be told the truth,โ€ he says in his column in De Cceit. โ€œThat it can‘t hurt to address its qualities and exchange that selfish clutter for a little bit of effectiveness.โ€
The former Oranje-International is curious to see who will be the new elector. He himself comes up with a striking name. โ€œDick Advocaat kept very much on the plain at Veronica Inside,โ€ Kieft noticed. โ€œI suspect he still has a small hope of Hoogma calling him deep in his heart.โ€
According to Kieft, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar offers an excellent opportunity to put Orange on the map and gain name and fame. โ€œThe new coach has a lot of honour to be honored. The World Cup will be played in Qatar in a year and a half, and the national coach can have a very nice selection. ‘