Kieft is annoyed at Eredivisie team: ‘It used to be a huge club’

Wim Kieft doesnt have a good word for the game of sc Heerenveen this season. Where the club from Friesland could often play high with in the Eredivisie in the past, it has been less in recent years. To the discontent of Kieft.

โ€œEvery time I sit at that Heerenveen, I get worse dead. Limp. Its all so passive. Like theres no pressure on it. No venuality. Nothing specialโ€, Kieft says at the table at Veronica Inside. โ€œIt used to be a huge club. Always a full stadium and good players. Something always happened.โ€
The former attacker receives acclaim from Johan Derksen. It sees a big difference with previous years. โ€œIt
s no longer the case that you, as a player, have pain in your stomach when you have to go to Heerenveen? Only that Volendammer in midfield can play football. But its not at the forefront of the fight. And for the rest, its all just as weak and non-committal.โ€
According to Kieft, the weak game is not only up to the players, but also to trainer Johnny Jansen. โ€œYou dont have the idea that that coach has a little influence either. Three times nothingโ€, Kieft concludes.