Kieft: ‘It’s really Vollgasfussball, but it’s way too fast for the players’

The PSV game has not been able to delight Wim Kieft lately. In his column in De Cceit Kieft states that the ‘Vollgasfussball’ Roger Schmidt wants to play is far too fast for the qualities of the PSV players. In addition, Kieft is critical of Carlos Vinรญcius, although the columnist also sees that the outsiders do not make it easy for him.
โ€œDefending that PSV seemed like nothing,โ€ Kieft says. ‘They stood the whole board defending the midline. With a spear fast striker like Boadu, you’re asking for trouble. The mode of play of PSV is not to be sustained. It‘s really Vollgasfussball from the first minute to the last minute. But things are far too fast for the qualities of the PSV players.โ€
According to Kieft, the Eindhoven people do not have the right players to play such football. ‘
Messi and Xavi remained accurate in the combination, passing and making the right choices at the highest pace, but this is PSV, with Vinicius in striker. That‘s not someone who can easily play a ball and keep it with them to get the team to join. In possession of possession, there is no moment of peace in the game of PSV. Everyone starts running and most don’t know where to go. Never see the team temporize.
The former striker then expressed his surprise at the reactions of some players and Roger Schmidt after the match. ‘
If you then hear Roger Schmidt and some players afterwards, PSV seems to have played very well despite the loss and Vinicius did just fine. While everyone sees that their level is not enough for PSV. Eran Zahavi is much smarter, but who was saved for the top performer against Ajax,โ€ concludes Kieft.